Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 7th is the next First Friday

Check it out:

Aaron Kunin is the author of Folding Ruler Star: Poems (Fence, 2005), and a
novel, The Mandarin (Fence, 2008). Another collection, The Sore Throat and Other Poems, is forthcoming. He lives in Los Angeles.

Heads Across The Sky is the side project of Zac Stanley of the bay area band, The Parish. For him this is a way to employ songs that don't enjoy the chains of that band. Stanley takes cues from Howe Gelb/Giant Sand, Kurt Vile, Jeffrey Lee Pierce and other artists where reverb, dry throats and big skies converge.

Kevin Killian has written two novels, Shy (1989) and Arctic Summer (1997), a book of memoirs, Bedrooms Have Windows (1990), two books of stories, Little Men (1996) and I Cry Like a Baby (2001) and two books of poetry, Argento Series (2001), and Action Kylie (2008). With Lew Ellingham, Killian has written often on the life and work of the American poet Jack Spicer [1925-65] and with Peter Gizzi has edited My Vocabulary Did This To Me: The Collected Poetry of Jack Spicer (2008) for Wesleyan University Press. For the San Francisco Poets Theater Killian has written thirty plays, including Stone Marmalade (1996, with Leslie Scalapino), The American Objectivists (2001, with Brian Kim Stefans), and Often (also 2001, with Barbara Guest). New projects include Screen Tests, an edition of Killian's film writing, and Impossible Princess, a new fiction collection forthcoming from City Lights Books in 2009. A new novel Spreadeagle will appear in the spring.

Also check out interviews with Kevin Killian and Aaron Kunin on the blog.

Doors open at 7
readings at 7:30
entry by donation

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